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1/16/2018: Total HR & Compliance Support, plus Business Tools & Resources

We care about your business and are here to help you with total HR & Compliance support and resources, in addition to Complete Insurance and Risk Management solutions. If you are our client, you may access helpful tools and resources for your business through our client portals MyWave Connect and Think HR. Please contact us for further support and resources, or to activate your client portal access.

Also, as members of the Chamber of Commerce with our Rancho Cordova office, we are happy to share their “Tools for Business Success” to help your business prosper.

1/8/2018: Happy New Year - Healthy Start

12/27/2017: 2018 New Labor Laws For Employers

12/27/2017: New California Drug Law & Employers' Drug Policies

12/22/2017: Free Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters


Happy Holidays!

 Be Safe in the Kitchen


The holidays bring extra time in the kitchen with holiday cooking and festivities. At Foster & Parker Insurance we care about your safety and protection, especially from accidents. All accidents are preventable with effective prevention and safety practices. Here are some General Kitchen Home Safety Practices to support a safe and healthful kitchen for you, your family, and guests this holiday season and always.

Health & Housekeeping

  • Be sure to throw out any food items that are beyond their expiration or use-by dates for consumption.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after food handling and cooking.
  • Refrigerate perishable food products promptly.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and safe.
  • Clean ventilation ducts regularly, and empty grease traps to prevent accumulation of grease and oily residues on surfaces.
  • Keep stove-top fire/coils, grills, and tables with candles away from draperies, napkins and dish towels, and other combustible or flammable materials.
  • Be sure to turn all appliances off when not in use.



  • While handling sharp or fragile objects in the kitchen, such as knives and glass, handle such items with care, and always direct sharp points and edges away from you, especially when cutting.
  • Be sure not to use knives with dull blades or those with loose handles, and never carry an open blade in your pocket/apron.
  • Always use oven mittens/pot holders when removing hot food from the oven, and have a clear surface ready to place the item before removing it from the oven.


Additional Home Safety Practices

  • Have an Emergency Plan, including awareness for Emergency Exit location(s) and a handy evacuation list.
  • Know the emergency contact numbers, including family/neighbors, as well as Fire/Police/Ambulance/911 and have them handy – posted on your kitchen refrigerator.
  • Have an Emergency First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher located in your kitchen and/or bathroom.
  • Wear shoes that support your feet and are slip resistant
  • Keep entrances and exits free from obstruction.


We wish you a safe and happy holiday,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!




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